The Most Popular Caffeinated Drinks Among Young People

Most students cannot boast of healthy habits since they often resort to the easiest yet unhealthy ways to stay active around the clock. They want to live their lives to the fullest, turning a blind eye to the limited capacities of their bodies. It is pretty common for them to hang out with friends in their free time and procrastinate, scrolling down the news feed for the umpteenth time instead of working on their home tasks. However, deadlines don’t disappear anywhere, and homework remains undone unless they turn to the essayservice. So, whether they want it or not, they have to stay up late at night and do their best to backdoor their way.

Nonetheless, it can be hard to remain active when you run empty and want to sleep, and it is when caffeinated drinks come to the rescue. Caffeine is a legal and effective stimulant that helps excite your nervous system and stay awake for some time. Even though one can find this component in coffee and green tea, many young people choose more advanced options. The latter stands out with an increased caffeine and sugar level in most cases, so one should be careful with their intake.

Red Bull

When it comes to the most popular caffeinated drinks, one cannot but mention Red Bull since it runs the table worldwide. It can be called an iconic representative of this kind of drink, and it has managed to gather a big army of fans since 1987 when it appeared in the stores for the first time. Most students opt for its original flavor that goes in a silver and blue can, but you can run into different variations on the market these days. Its standard can contain about 113 mg of caffeine, so it’s not worth drinking two portions in a row if you have a poor caffeine tolerance. The main secret of its worldwide popularity lies in the fact that it was one of the first energy drinks in bars and clubs. Besides, everyone might have remembered its famous catchphrase that Red Bull gives you wings. Nonetheless, if you have no desire to treat yourself to suck drinks and work on your tasks all night long, it is worth reading assignment geek reviews to find a way out and get your papers done on time.


The second most popular caffeinated drink among students is Rockstar. It appeared twenty years ago and has managed to find its devoted admirers since that moment. If you look for this drink on the store shelves, you will come across various flavors and two different sizes. A standard can is about 16 oz and contains 160 mg of caffeine. The safe dose of caffeine per one intake is considered 200 mg, so if you grab an enlarged can that contains 240 mg, you will cross the limit.

Monster Energy

It is the main rivalry of the previous energy drink since it appeared only two years later and tried to conquer younger generations with a huge variety of flavors. Thus, if you don’t have to examine the essayhave review and delegate a part of your assignments, you will not do without a helper to boost your energy at night. You can pick up an original option or choose some novelties that stand out from the rest with unusual and even weird flavors. For instance, you can treat yourself to Pipeline Punch. Bear in mind that caffeine levels may vary depending on the flavor, and while the classic option contains about 160 mg, others may have from 116 to 186 mg.

Proper Wild

Many young people opt for energy drinks that contain organic caffeine derived from green tea. This beverage is considered one of the best options since it contains 120 mg of L-theanine in addition to 180 mg of caffeine. Such a combination provides a long-lasting effect that helps stay focused on the subject. They say that you develop tunnel vision after its consumption, so your productivity level goes up dramatically. This option is completely plant-based and sugar-free, so it has a smoother effect compared to its analogs on the market. Its small size allows you to drink it in a second, so you don’t have to take it everywhere with you to finish.


Young people who are fond of fast speed opt for the drink created sixteen years ago. It was named for nitrous oxide, a chemical compound used by racers to reach additional thrust. In fact, the beverage will have the same effect on your brain. You can run into different flavors, and the caffeine amount will be different everywhere. Nonetheless, in most cases, a classical 16 oz can contains about 260 mg that already exceeds a safe dose. Thus, if you have never tried energy drinks and don’t know your body’s reaction to them, it is worth choosing more lighter options.

Reign Total Body Fuel

This beverage is considered a rookie on the market of energy drinks, but since it is produced by the same company as Monster Energy, it has gained popularity pretty fast. It differs from its predecessors with an increased amount of caffeine. Thus, a standard 16 oz can provide you with 300 mg of caffeine. It is one of the favorite options of young people who need a sugar-free drink with an impressive caffeine dose.