6 Hour Power Review

6-hour-power How do you get around strict caffeine content beverage laws?

Well, you call the product a dietary supplement and your sweet as to put as much caffeine in it as you want.

6 Hour Power is one of the many energy shots to be making their debut in the Southern Hemisphere and thanks to labeling laws they are required to disclose their caffeine content so that mystery is here by solved!

So is 6hr worth the $3.50 price tag and will it be the answer for all the caffeine junkies in New Zealand and Australia who struggle to get their daily fix?


I sampled the orange flavored 6hr and when I open the 60ml bottle, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice orange flavor. A lot of the shots that I’ve tried are like syrup and overdosed with sucralose. Not 6hr Power as it seemed just right. Now I hate artificial sweeteners, but with it only being 60ml it’s doable.


Along with 125mg of caffeine 6hr has the usual suspects, but with an added enzyme blend of amylase, protease, lipase, and lactase. This shot is sweetened with aspartame.


Now I’m just an “Up and Comer” according to Dusty’s Addiction Diagnosis Quiz, so I’m actually buzzing as I type…… I downed 6 hour power after already having two cups of coffee. Gee I feel good and I hope it lasts for six hours like the bottle promises.


Good on 6 Hour Power for having the initiative to jump in the energy product market in the Southern Hemisphere because it’s ripe for the picking so to speak. If you’re looking for a no Calorie pick-me-up and don’t mind spending over $3 for 60ml then give 6 hour Power a go.

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Last Modified: July 21, 2014