Dutch Bros. Coffee Caffeine Content Guide

Dutch Bros. Coffee is becoming a popular coffee house chain in North America, approaching 200 locations concentrated heavily in the Pacific Northwest.

They have established a loyal fan base with unique coffee beverages like ER 911 and Double Torture.

Below is the breakdown of the caffeine content of Dutch Bros. Coffee’s various beverages.

Caffeine Amounts of Dutch Bros. Coffee

Beverage Small
(12 floz)
(16 floz)
(20 floz)
Dutch Coffee 256mg
Dutch Espresso (1oz shot) 64 (single) 128 (double) 192 (tripple)
Yerba Mate 84mg 126mg 168mg
Dutch Latte 128mg 128mg 256mg
Dutch Mocha 136mg 138mg 268mg
Dutch Double Choc. Mocha 135mg 137mg 267mg
Dutch White Mocha 135mg 137mg 267mg
Special Flavor Mochas 128mg 128mg 256mg
Cappuccino 128mg 128mg 256mg
Why Bother 0mg 0mg 0mg
Breve 128mg 128mg 256mg
Chi Latte 40.65mg 48.78mg 65.04mg
Dutch Hot Chocolate 10mg 12mg 16mg
Kahlua Kicker 128mg 128mg 256mg
Annihilator 128mg 128mg 256mg
Milky Way 135mg 137mg 267mg
Cocomo 135mg 137mg 267mg
The Cure 135mg 137mg 267mg
Double Torture 261mg 263mg 393mg
ER 911 384mg 384mg 384mg
Iced Dutch Latte 128mg
Iced Dutch Mocha 140mg
Dutch Mocha Freeze 147.82mg 170.41mg 215.59mg
Iced SF Mochas 128mg
Iced White Mocha 139mg
Iced Kahlua Kicker 128mg
Kahlua Kicker Freeze 135.53mg 158.12mg 203.29mg
Iced Annihilator 128mg
Annihilator Freeze 135.53mg 158.12mg 203.29mg
Iced Double Choc. Mocha 139mg
Iced Milky Way 139mg
Milky Way Freeze 113.94mg 159.12mg 204.29mg
Iced Cocomo 139mg
Cocomo Freeze 136.53mg 159.12mg 204.29mg
Iced Cure 139mg
Iced Double Torture 265mg
Double Torture Freeze 121.66mg 144.25mg 189.53mg
Iced 911 384mg
911 Freeze 384mg 384mg 384mg
Not So Hot 8mg (8oz)
Iced Chai Latte 56.91mg
Blended Chai Latte 40.65mg
Blended Carborator 128mg
Jet Tea 0mg 0mg 0mg
Brain Freeze Blend 305.94mg 349.65mg 437.06mg
Italian Sodas 0mg 0mg 0mg
Blue Rebel Energy Drink 80mg/can
Caffeine in coffee can vary (due to coffee origin and blend used) and may be more or less than the amounts shown.

All Espresso Based Coffee

Dutch Bros. Coffee is rather unique in the fact that they don’t have a brewed coffee option in their stores. Their standard coffee is made like an Americano with espresso shots and hot water on top.

We found it interesting that Dutch Bros. uses a double shot of espresso in both 12 and 16 ounce drinks, but then they double that in a 20 ounce drink, which contains 2 double shots.

They say the secret to their great coffee is their 3 Bean Espresso Blend.

They also sell bags of their 3 Bean Espresso Blend of coffee in stores and via their website.

What do you think about Dutch Bros. coffee? Why do you choose them over Starbucks?

Src. The Dutch Bros. Website

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Last Modified: September 11, 2014