Caffeine in Food

Caffeine in edibles: including mints, gum, chocolates, candies, medications, and tablets.

Name Caffeine (mg) Serve
4Ever Fit Caffeine Tablets 200 per tablet P
AeroLife Inhalable Caffeine 100 per dose O
Alert Caffeine Gum 40 per piece O
Alien Energy Jerky 110 per packs O
Alka-Seltzer Wake-up Call 65 per tablet P
AMP Energy Gum 40 per piece O
Anacin 32 per tablet P
Apples 0 per apple O
Appress Appetite Suppressant 20 per capsule P
Arthriten 32.5 per tablet P
Awake Caffeinated Granola Bars 50 per bar O
Awake Chocolate 110 per bar O
Baking Chocolate (squares) 23.2 per square (29g) O
Bang!! Caffeinated Ice Cream 125 per scoop O
Bawls Mints 1 per mint O
Ben and Jerry's Coffee Ice Cream 70 per cup (8oz) O
Bioplus Booster 90 per sachet O
Black Black Gum sticks 5 per piece O
Blast Caffeine 11000 per packet ED
Blast Power Gum 80 per piece O
Blitz Energy Gum 55 per piece O
Bolt 260 110 per tablet P
Breyers Coffee Ice Cream 30 per cup (8oz) O
Butterfinger Buzz 80 per package O
Buzz Bites Chocolate Chews 100 per chew O
Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs 22.4 per ounce O
Caffeinall 30 per shake O
Caffeinated Brownies 200 per brownie O
Caffeinated Granola 100 per packet O
Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop 80 per lollipop O
Caffeinated Smart Cookie 180 per cookie O
Charged Chocolate 150 per bar O
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans 7 per bean O
ChocoMallows 100 per mallow O
Clif Energy Bars 50 per bar O
Clif Shot Blok Pieces 16.7 per piece O
Cocoa Powder (Hershey's) 8.4 per tablespoon O
Coffee (espresso) Beans 6 per roasted bean O
Coffee Flour 62 per tablespoon O
CoffeeMallows 200 per mallow O
Cracker Jack'D Power Bites 100 per package O
Crackheads 200 per box O
Crackheads 2 Candy 600 per box O
Crunk!!! Energy Stix 100 per packet O
Crystal Light Energy Candy 7.5 per piece O
Dannon Coffee Yogurt 32 per tub (5.3oz) C
Dark Chocolate 14 per square O
Destim Green and Clear 200 per capsule P
Dexatrim Max Daytime 200 per capsule P
Diablo Energy Strips 25 per strip O
Diurex Water Pills 50 per tablet P
DoubleKick Hot Sauce 12 per teaspoon O
E Fact Energy 67 per capsule P
Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks 600 per box O
Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints 19.4 per mint O
Edy's Grand (Dreyers) Coffee Ice Cream 60 per cup (8oz) O
Energems Chocolate Energy 44.3 per piece O
Energy Gummy Bears 32 per oz O
Energy Pix Caffeine Toothpicks 7 per toothpick O
Energy Sheets 50 per sheet O
Engobi 140 per ounces O
EQ Tablets 80 per tablet P
Espresso Buzz Bagels 32 per bagel O
Evopak Energy Chews 50 per chew O
Excedrin 65 per pill P
Excedrin Migraine 65 per tablet P
FireStar Energy Crystals 180 per sachet O
Foosh Energy Mints 100 per mint O
FPSBrain 5 per pill P
Go Cubes Chewable Coffee Squares 50 per cube O
Go Fast! Energy Gum 80 per piece O
Go! Coffee Energy 80 per pinch O
Good Morning Pill 130 per capsule P
Green Coffee Extract 50 per capsule P
Green Tea Extract Capsules 32 per capsule P
Greencoffex Caffeine Capsules 200 per capsule P
GU Energy Gel 40 per packet O
Guarana 47 per gram P
Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream 48 per cup (8oz) C
Headshot Energy Bar 22 per bar O
HERO Energy Mints 82 per mint O
Hershey's Chocolate Bars 9 per chocolate bar O
Hershey's Kisses 1 per piece O
Hershey's Special Dark Bars 20 per chocolate bar (1.45oz) O
Hershey's with Almonds 8 per chocolate bar O
Hydrive Energy Chews 40 per chew O
Hydroxycut Hardcore 100 per capsule P
Java Gum 65 per piece O
Java Pop 60 per lollipop O
JavaMallows 280 per mallow O
Jelly Belly Extreme Sports Beans 50 per 1 oz bag O
Jet Alert 200 per tablet P
Joe Buzz Caffeine Pouch 130 per pouch P
Jolt Gum 45 per piece O
Kashi Dark Mocha Granola Bar 9 per bar O
KickBrix Energy Chews 90 per chew O
Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz 40 per ball O
Kit Kat Bar 6 per bar O
Kopiko Coffee Candy 25 per candy O
Koru Instant Energy Strips 40 per strip O
Lake FX Energy Gummies 100 per gummy O
Leptiburn by BioTrust 0 per capsule P
Lightning Rods 60 per stick O
LiveWire Energy Chews 120 per chew O
M&M's Chocolate Candies 9 per package O
Mad Croc Energy Gum 40 per piece O
Mad-Croc Energy Chews 8 per piece O
Magnum 357 Caffeine Tablets 200 per tablet P
Mega T Green Tea Supplement 50 per capsule P
Midol Menstral Complete 60 per pill P
Military Energy Gum 100 per piece O
Mini Thin 25/50 200 per capsule P
Mini Thin Rush Gum 40 per gum O
MintMallows 100 per mallow O
MoccaMallows 200 per mallow O
Morning Spark Energy Instant Oatmeal 60 per packet O
Movit Energy Gummies 32 per ounce O
MPower Energy Mints 120 per mint O
Neuenergy Chewable Tabs 59 per tablet O
No Doz 200 per pill P
Non Stop Lollipops 50 per lollipop O
NRage Energy Strips 20 per strip O
NRG Potato Chips 175 per bag O
Nuclear Energy Powders 90 per tube O
One a Day Energy 90 per tablet P
One a Day Weight Smart Advantage 120 per tablet P
One a Day Womens Active Metabolism 120 per tablet P
OptiMind Energy Supplement 75 per capsule P
Oral Fixation Night Light Mints 4 per mint O
Oreo Cookies 1.3 per cookie O
Outburst Energy Bites 20 per piece O
Peak Energy Mints 100 per mint O
Peak Performance Caplets 200 per caplet P
Penguin Mints 7 per mint O
Pep-Back Recharge Caplets 200 per caplet P
Peppgum sticks 77 per piece O
Perky Jerky 0 per ounce O
Pic Me Up 200 per tablet P
Pit Bull Energy Bar 165 per ounces O
Plow On Gum 100 per piece O
Power Energy Toothpaste 67.4 per milliliter O
Prolab Caffeine Supplement 200 per tablet P
ProPlus Caffeine tablets 50 per tablet P
Punch'd Energy Gummies 80 per pack O
Pure Caffeine Powder 4706 per teaspoon P
Pure Energy EPH-25 200 per tablet P
RageQuitRelief 100 per capsule P
Raging Bull 80 per piece O
Razorwire Energy Capsules 112 per capsule P
Red Chinese Super Cap 200 per capsule P
Redline Gel Caps 97 per capsule P
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 4 per peanut butter cup O
Reload Energy Strips 20 per strip O
Revive Energy Mints 102 per mint O
Revivo Energy Chews 20 per chew O
Rite Aid Stay Awake 100 per tablet P
Rocket Chocolates 42 per piece O
Rockstar Energy Gum 40 per piece O
Run Gum Energy 50 per piece O
Shock a Lots Chocolate Coffee Beans 20 per bean O
Spot On Energy Patch 65 per patch P
Sprayable Energy 100 per dose P
Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream 60 per cup (8oz) O
Starbucks Frappuccino Bar 30 per bar O
Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows 100 per mallow O
Steem Caffeinated Peanut Butter 75 per tablespoons O
Study Buddy 40 per capsule P
Sumseeds 120 per bag (3.5oz) O
Super Caps Xtreme 250 per capsule P
Superfast Energy Gum 50 per piece O
Tea Leaf Salad 198 per grams O
Theazine Energy Supplement 75 per capsule P
ThinkGum 10 per piece O
Turbo Snort Energy Nasal Spray 1 per spray O
Turbo Truffles 150 per truffle O
Uber Cube 100 per cube O
Umph Tablets 99 per tablet P
UPTime Energy Tablets 66 per tablet P
Used Coffee Grounds 41 per 7 grams O
VE 2 Energy Gum 35 per piece O
Vibe Energy Gum 40 per piece O
Viter Energy Mints 40 per mint O
Vivarin 200 per pill P
VoJo Energy Mints 2.2 per mint O
Voke Chewable Tabs 77 per tablet P
White Chocolate 0 per bar O
Wide Awake Energy Mints 50 per mint O
Wired Waffles 200 per serving O
X8 Energy Gum 50 per piece O
Yellow Subs Xtreme 250 per capsule P
Zoom Energy Pills 100 per pill P

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