Used Coffee Grounds

Caffeine Levels

per 7 gram
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Used or spent coffee grounds still contain a significant amount of caffeine.

A study conducted by The Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Physiology, School of Pharmacy, University of Navarra found that spent coffee grounds contained 3.59 to 8.09 milligrams of caffeine per gram of used coffee grounds. 

For the amount listed above, we took the average of this and multiplied it by the amount of ground coffee typically used to make an espresso

Caffeine in Used Coffee Grounds Varies by Brew 

Brewing methods with longer brew times will result in less caffeine in the spent coffee grounds since caffeine is highly water soluble. 

Care should be used when disposing of spent coffee grounds as caffeine has been detected by some municipalities in our waterways and reservoirs

Ingredients in Used Coffee Grounds

used ground arabica coffee

How Does It Compare With Other Foods?

Caffeine per Item

200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Coffee ground of Used Coffee Grounds Foosh Energy Mints Hershey's Special Dark Bars