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Choose from over 130 of the most popular coffee drinks and find the optimal safe amount of this coffee for your body weight.

In recent years highly caffeinated coffees have become available (such as Death wish coffee, Biohazard, and Black Insomnia).

For some brands, as little as a single cup may lead to overdose symptoms in some people.

Your Caffeine Sensitivity

Response to caffeine can vary between individuals. Those who are sensitive can experience overdose symptoms (jitters, insomnia, etc) after consuming much lower amounts of caffeine than others. Recent genetic research has shown a strong genetic component that governs the speed of caffeine metabolism.

It’s also possible to build a tolerance to caffeine over time (more caffeine is needed to achieve the same feelings of alertness).

Determining your sensitivity may come from observing your experience with caffeine, or by taking a DNA test.

See more about caffeine sensitivity.

Caffeine levels in coffee

Caffeine levels in coffee can vary (sometimes significantly) depending on brew method and blend. For further details on caffeine levels of individual coffee brands, see our extensive charts below.

Caffeine Safe Limits

Health authorities recommend a daily dose of no more than 400mg of caffeine – however this will vary depending on your body weight.

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Last Modified: June 20, 2017