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Outburst energy bites are "M&M" like chocolate candies infused with caffeine.

They come in 3 varieties; Chocolate, Peanut, and mint chocolate.

A whole box of Outburst would contain 240mg of caffeine.

​These are not candy and should be kept out of the reach of children!


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I’m always interested in new energy products. Outburst was kind enough to send us some boxes of their new energy bite candy.

These type of products usually lack in either the taste or in the kick department. Outburst has attempted to change this. Let’s see how they did.


  • Milk Chocolate: This is your standard chocolate flavor. It tasted a lot like an M&M with a slight bitter aftertaste. It was well masked and I had to really look to find it.
  • Chocolate Peanuts: This is like a peanut M&M, complete with large peanut in the middle. The bitter taste was much more noticeable here, but the candy was still enjoyable.
  • Mint Chocolate: This was my favorite by far. Outburst did a perfect job on the taste here. It tastes exactly like a Junior mint (York) peppermint candy inside a candy shell. There was no noticeable aftertaste.


The ingredient profile on all three flavors are very similar. A serving of four bites contains around 5 grams of sugar and 45 calories. 4 Pieces is equal to a cup of coffee (80mg), while the entire box is equal to 3 energy drinks/shots (240mg). They also contain an undisclosed amount of Taurine and B Vitamins.

Outburst Effects

I tried these in a few different ways. I ate 4 (the standard serving) before a workout. I noticed a little lift, but not much was different for me in the gym. I’d compare this to drinking a Red Bull. I had a box in my bag before a long road trip and ate the whole thing shortly after gassing up the car. The energy kick here was great. I had the jitters and felt like I was bouncing around the car. Other trials were in between the two and for me 8 pieces was a good place, not uncomfortably energetic and not too weak to notice.


TheseOutburst Energy Bitesare great. They deliver a strong kick if you eat enough of them. I would highly recommend the Mint Chocolate bites as the taste is perfect. Pick these up and try them for yourself or to learn more, visit their website.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

Ingredients in Outburst Energy Bites

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