Caffeine in Citrus , Pepper, and Cream Flavored Soda

Store Brand SodasThis data showing caffeine in “Citrus”, “Cream”, and “Pepper” flavored beverages is from a large laboratory test of caffeine in carbonated beverages.

It covers mainstream brands and many store/ generic brands of these sodas.

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In most cases, the actual amount of caffeine is quite close to what the manufacturer said. Except for Vault Zero which seems to have a bit more.

The Popular Beverages

Beverage (12 fl oz) Caffeine (lab test) Caffeine (manufacturer)

Diet Dr Pepper 44.1mg 41mg
Dr Pepper 42.6mg 41mg
Diet Dr Pepper Berries & Cream 42.0mg 41mg
Dr Pepper Berries & Cream 41.1mg 41mg
Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper 40.1mg 37mg
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper 39.4mg 37mg
Diet Dr. Wham 41.9mg n/a
Dr. Wham 41.6mg n/a
Pibb Zero 41.2mg 40.5mg
Pibb Xtra 40.3mg 40.5mg
Vault Zero 74.0mg 70.5mg
Diet SunDrop 71.5mg 69mg
Vault Citrus 70.6mg 70.5mg
SunDrop 64.7mg 63mg
Diet Mountain Dew Code Red 55.4mg 54mg
Diet Mountain Dew 55.2mg 54mg
Ski Citrus Soda 69mg
Mountain Dew 54.8mg 54mg
Mountain Dew Code Red 54.3mg 54mg
Mello Yello 49.5mg 52.5mg
Faygo Moon Mist 19.7mg n/a
Diet Sunkist 41.5mg n/a
Sunkist 40.6mg n/a
Big Red 34.0mg n/a
A & W Cream Soda 28.6mg 28.8mg
Barq’s Root Beer 22.4mg 22.5mg

Private Label / Store-brand Pepper-type Beverages

Beverage (12 fl oz) Caffeine
Dr IGA 59.8mg
Diet Dr Pop 56.8mg
Dr Pop 47.5mg
Dr K 41.2
Diet Dr K 40.7
Dr Topper 34.0
Dr Publix 31.6
Dr Bob 31.3
Mr. Pigg 31.2
Diet Dr Bob 30.9
Dr Thunder 30.6
Dr Chilli 29.9
Diet Dr Thunder 29.9
Dr Chek 24.4
Diet Dr Chek 22.3
Dr Lynn 19.3
Dr Perky 18.8
Diet Dr Lynn 18.2

Store Brand Citrus Beverages

Beverage (12 fl oz) Caffeine
Chek Kountry Mist 55.1mg
Ramp Red 54.6mg
IGA Spring Mist 54.2mg
Publix Citrus Hit 54.1mg
Ramp 53.8mg
Mountain Chill 53.5mg
Chek Red Alert 53.2mg
Mountain Holler 53.1mg
Mountain Yeller 53.1mg
CloverValley Citrus Drop 52.0mg
Sam’s Mountain Lightning 46.5mg
Chek Diet Kountry Mist 46.3mg
Mountain Lion 30.9mg
Laura Lynn Mountain Moon Drops 27.5mg
Big K Citrus Drop 26.2mg
Big K Diet Citrus Drop 25.1mg

Many of these store brand sodas come and go. However this large collection of lab tests gives a good indicator of the amounts of caffeine you are likely to find in various sodas.

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Last Modified: September 17, 2014