Atomic Energy Bites Review

atomic-energy-bites A month ago, I wasn’t really aware of the existence of energy chews on the market.

I knew about energized mints, gum, chocolate pieces, candy bars, and even potato chips. Now all the sudden my mailbox has been ambushed by two different energy chews in a few weeks time.

Since Hydrive Energy Chews were the first energy chews I’ve ever had, let’s see how these brand new Atomic Energy Bites compare!


Opening up my first package of Atomic Energy Bites, my taste buds took a defensive stance, bracing themselves for an assault. As soon as the first chew entered my mouth, before it even hit my tongue, my tension unwound. It became immediately apparent that these chews kick some serious ass! With my first package I forgot to even pay attention to the energy effect. Make no mistake; these chews are a premium candy treat. They’re a whole level above what Hydrive has to offer. Even better, there’s 5 scrump-dittily-umptious flavors:

  • Lemon Lime – Key lime pie!
  • Fruit Punch – Fruit punch!
  • Orange Raspberry – Rumba Energy Juice!
  • Cinnabomb – Atomic Fireball hard candies!
  • Mocha Crunch – I hate coffee! But I’d bet good money on this flavor tasting wonderful to coffee lovers.

So seriously, I’m not being lazy with the flavor comparisons. This is literally what the flavors taste like, they’re astonishingly identifiable.


Every 3 bites will deliver 100mg of caffeine, 25mg of guarana, and a few hundred percent of your B values to your system well under the radar. You can purchase Atomic Energy Bites in packages of 3 or 6.


We’ve got a little life lesson here: it’s nearly impossible to have the best of everything. There’s always a negative somewhere to accompany every positive. These bites just don’t quite cut it for me, even when I gobble up the larger 6 pack. Maybe if you’re a caffeine lightweight you’ll be happy with them.


So in this informal energy chew dual, Atomic Energy Bites destroy Hydrive Energy Chews in the taste department, while Hydrive Energy Chews offer energy that the Atomic Energy Bites just can’t keep up with. Now go forth and be an informed consumer.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Update: Looks like Atomic Energy Bites have been discontinued.

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Last Modified: August 22, 2011