Bang!! Caffeinated Ice Cream Review

I must say I do love energy drinks, I must if I’m writing as many reviews as I do. Yet if there’s one thing I love more than energy drinks, it’s ice cream!

So when a company asks me to review there caffeinated ice cream, I couldn’t get that first scoop in my mouth fast enough. Really, a energized ice cream?

Sounds to good to be true, but trust me, its a reality. So will Bang!! ice cream pump me up, or leave me deflated with a brain freeze? Grab your spoon and lets dig in…


I rolled with my favorite flavor, Bang!! Peanut Butta. Taking that first creamy spoon full, I taste your normal peanut butter flavor and texture. Nothing crazy or unexpected to begin with, the only hint of difference I tasted was at the very end of the taste, it had a bit of a healthy like, low calorie taste. Not much, just a hint of it, not enough to turn me off from the rest of the delicious ice cream.

Bang!! Ice Cream Ingredients

The container explains that one scoop of Bang!! is equal to one energy drink with 125mg of caffeine, yet no where in the ingredients is caffeine listed. The only recognizable ingredient to you energy lovers will be Guarana seed extract. Yet comparing Bang!! to your normal peanut butter ice cream, Bang!! contained less sugar (48g), and a few more calories (1120). The rest, including fat, cholesterol and sodium is about the same you’ll find in your local store’s regular non-caffeinated peanut butter ice cream.


I consumed the entire pint of Bang!! while watching the Mavs deliver another loss to the Miami Heat, so trying to stay up late for the game, I thought id give the ice cream a test to see if it would be able to keep me up and alert for the entire game. After consuming the contents, and then spending the next few hours watching the game, at games end, I found myself still a little tired, but a bit less tired then I normally would be. So I would say, yes the ice cream game me a slight boost, but very slight.


In the case of Bang!!, I think personally I’ll keep my caffeine and ice cream separate. The ice cream was very good, yet didn’t really provide much of a boost. So if I’m in the mood for some ice cream, I can definitely see myself buying a Bang!! Ice Cream to meet my cravings, yet for those days when I just need some much needed energy, I’ll stick to getting my fix in a can and not from a spoon…

Bang!! Cooky Mint


As I pop that lid off, I see the creamy green ice cream. I dip my spoon in and get that first taste. Good mint flavor, with a hint on a vitamin energy taste (very slight, took a few spoonfuls to figure out it that’s what I was tasting), yet nowhere near enough to take away from the taste. If you’re a fan of mint chocolate chip, then you won’t be disappointed with your scoop of Bang!! Cooky Mint.


A pint of Bang!! will give you just over 1000 calories with about 50g of sugar (less than you’ll find in most normal ice cream). The other ingredients are very similar to normal ice cream, all except one. This ice cream packs a punch that you won’t find in that normal ice cream, Guarana! This guarana provides the ice cream with a very solid 500mg of caffeine.


The taste may be close to mint ice cream, but once finished, that’s where the similarities end. Shortly after finishing off the pint, I got a good boost lasting about 2 hours. I felt alert and focused, not a sugary boost or jittery, just a nice constant alertness.


There’s many ways to get your energy boost, but there may not be a nicer way to get it then through a bowl of ice cream. Bang!! provides this boost through a creamy tasting ice cream, surprisingly without a jittery sugar filled boost, yet that can’t be said if you cover it in chocolate syrup and bury it in a lot of toppings. The boost wasn’t as much as I’ve found in some of my liquid counterparts but guarana effects people differently.

Bang!! Heaps of Gold


Wow. That’s about it, wow. The chocolate ice cream is very creamy and has a great chocolate flavor. The bits of Heath Bar are a great addition, could use a bit more Heath, but overall the taste is a homerun!

Bang!! Heaps of Gold Ingredients

You won’t find much difference in this Bang!! as you find in the others. 1040 calories and 56g of sugar (yes it’s high, but it’s ice cream people!) On top of the 560mg of sodium and 56g of sugar, you’ll get your 500mg of caffeine. Yet I know many people face allergy issues, and this ice cream won’t help as it contains Milk, Peanut, Soy and Coconut, and even carries a warning regarding possible allergy issues.


As for the effect, Bang!! wasn’t really a rush I was looking anticipating. The boost is provided by the guarana in the ice cream, yet even though it says it contains 500mg, I found the energy to be a little less than desirable, lasting in total less than an hour, but even at its peak, it wasn’t anything much. I must not react as well to guarana.


Even though the energy in the ice cream left me looking for more, the flavor of the ice cream definitely made up for it. I wouldn’t reach for Bang!! Heaps of Gold to boost me off the couch and outside to do yard work, but as a dessert I will definitely be eating this again. I can always grab a can of something and finish it quick to get me motivated, but this ice cream, I will take my time and enjoy it.

If you want to try Bang!! for yourself, you can buy it online and they’ll ship it to you frozen.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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Last Modified: August 8, 2011