Bazi Jujube Energy Shot

The biggest new push in the energy drink market is the “healthy” energy drink. Bazi just happens to be the newest drink in that market.

Bazi Energy Shot proclaims to contain 8 of the world’s healthiest superfruits combined with jujube and other exotic berries from remote regions of the world which give you 13 vitamins, 68 minerals, key anti-oxidants, riboflavin and much more in their 2 ounce shot that “fulfills your body and powers your personal performance like never before”.

Well after all of that, lets get this thing open and fuel my neglected body…


Opening the small bottle of Bazi reveals a smell that is less than desirable. Unfortunately, the taste isn’t too much off from that. Its definitely smooth, yet I can’t really put a finger on the flavor. Its not good, yet Bazi isn’t disgusting. A little below average tasting, kind of a mild fruity flavor, yet with what I thought tasted like a hint of bacon grease, does that make sense?


Bazi Natural Energy Shot Contains juices from Jujube, Acai, Goji, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Raspberry and Seabuckthorn. Bazi gives you 40 calories while providing at least 100% of your daily value of Vitamins A,C,D and E along with solid amounts of other vitamins to many to be listed here. Yet surprisingly Bazi doesn’t contain any Taurine and 80mg of caffeine.


Almost instantly I did feel a very healthy alertness from Bazi. Not jittery or a buzz, but just what I can describe as an alertness that felt very good. Bazi didn’t give me the usual boost that would push me to jump out of an airplane or compete in the X games, yet more like a boost to ace my SAT’s or do well at a job interview. Just different I guess.


Even though the taste of Bazi Jujube Shot was sub-par, the effect of the drink definitely made it worth it. By no means will I be reaching for Bazi to get me through a hard day or to give me that much needed rush, yet I can see me keeping a few bottles around the house or office to help me focus and give me that edge over my co-workers.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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Last Modified: June 19, 2014