Beaver Buzz: DAM GOOD?

On one of my usual frequents of the neighborhood 7 eleven, I scoured the energy drink wall for a tasty carbonated lift. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the sparkle of a strange red can called Beaver Buzz.

So, what’s so good about it? First, this is the most Canadian drink out there; maple leaf and the title plastered upon it accompanied by an aggressive hockey-playing beaver. Second, Beaver Buzz used to be in a 250ml(8.5oz) size, but this bad boy is now a whopping 355ml(12oz)! Would the bigger size pack a bigger punch? Will it be as “DAM GOOD!” as it proclaims itself to be? Let’s find out.


With “Citrus Energy” on the can’s face, it was easy to imagine what it would taste like. And indeed, Beaver Buzz has a sharp, citrus-like taste with heavy carbonation, but the sugar content definitely washes the deeper flavors away only bordering on what could be an excellent mix of lemon-lime and orange. It comes to no surprise as the bitterly high dosage of caffeine, vitamins, and other stimulants need to be masked somehow. With some tweaking of the drink’s formula, it could definitely be a very tasty drink.


This new 355ml(12oz) can contains a copious 188mg of caffeine, 142mg of guarana seed extract, and 142mg of panax ginseng root extract, as well as standard amounts of taurine and B-vitamins. In addition, it has standard soda ingredients, using cane sugar as a sweetener. With a much higher ratio of stimulants per volume than standard drinks like Rockstar, Beaver Buzz should definitely pack a punch.


Beaver Buzz definitely gave me the lift I was looking for. Within 5 minutes of drinking it, I felt quite energized and ready to rip through my studies. The caffeine content definitely gives it the edge, while the ginseng and guarana helped me maintain an intense concentration. The energy lasted well beyond what I expected, not giving a crash, but rather a mellow state that could be attributed to the ginseng levels in the drink.

Beaver Buzz is one of my favorites, providing kick as well as a sweet taste. However, with some refinement of the flavoring, they could have a knock-out drink in their hands.

Reviewed by JD

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Last Modified: June 19, 2014