C+ Swiss Hemp Iced Tea

A review of C+ Swiss Hemp Iced Tea, which is a black tea drink with hemp extract.

Hemp is found in everything from your natural foods market to your favorite clothing store. So, C+ Swiss Hemp Ice Tea should have a mass appeal, but the big pot leaf on the front makes this a super-hard sell. That is a real shame, as this is one of the best Iced Tea drinks I have had in a long while!

Regardless if you are a recreational pot smoker or a conservative republican politician (not that those 2 things are mutually exclusive), this drink has amazing health benefits, amazing taste, and is completely legal.


This tea is a blend of black and green tea with hemp seed extract syrup mixed in. I’m not really familiar with hemp Iced Teas, but I really wish I were. This stuff is far more tasty than anything by “Xing” or “Arizona“, and could even give “Who’s Your Daddy” a real run for it’s money. It tastes very rich and complex, very earthy but not at all sour or chalky.

I completely expected a novelty product, something with a slight twinge of marijuana flavor to it, but this has the real deal and lots of it. Like mixing french fries and ice cream, this is one combination which sounds like a disaster on paper, but a stroke of genius on the tongue.

Hemp Tea Ingredients/Energy

There is nothing here that you would not want in your body. Everything is natural and delicious, and the caffeine rush from the black tea is strong and natural. This is non-carbonated, using hemp bloom syrup (5 %), plain old sugar, lemon juice, black tea extract and hemp bloom extract (0.0015 %)”, and the little tiny THC extract goes a long long way.

This really has the flavor of pot, but completely adds to the flavor of the tea. Everything in this tastes natural, delicious, and unique. In terms of energy, I would expect about 80-100mg in the small can, about as much as you would find in 8oz of strong black tea. There is 90 calories in here from plain sugar.


This is the big letdown. There are sooo many things wrong with this can. First, the can is way too tiny. I could have finished 3 of these little 8oz cans in one sitting! Maybe it is the American in me, but oversize this puppy! I like my teas too big to hold easily, like Arizona’s or at least in the slightly larger 16oz glass Honest tea sized containers. The flavor is way too good not to have it in something bigger than this.

Reviewed by Caffeine Examiner. Read more of his reviews here.

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Last Modified: October 13, 2015