Caffeine Enema Using Coffee: Yes, It is a Thing

caffeine enemaCoffee, espresso, energy drinks, energy gum, and energy candy are common caffeine delivery methods, but has anyone ever heard of the coffee enema?

Ok, this sounds really bizarre and even a bit scary, however, the caffeine enema has been around since World War I in Germany.

Apparently a hospital ran out of pain killers, so a nurse grabbed a coffee pot and pumped it up the rear of the patients. The patients reported that their pain was relieved and that they had none of the nasty side effects experienced from using opiates. src.

How a Caffeine Enema Works

  • According to research, the coffee is injected through the rectum and into the large intestine.
  • One in the large intestine the caffeine is absorbed through colon tissue directly into the hemorrhoidal vein.
  • The caffeine enema not only gives the patient a buzz but it also is believed to detoxify the liver and cleanse the colon from toxins.

Just as with any enema, it isn’t long before the patient must use the toilet to eliminate the liquid from the colon.

Coffee Enemas for Cancer Treatment

coffee in enema formA coffee enema is currently used by many people undergoing alternative cancer treatment.

Some believe that a poorly functioning liver is responsible for some cancers since it can’t properly remove cancer causing compounds from the body. A daily coffee enema helps detoxify the liver in order to restore it to functioning as it should.

Several renowned alternative cancer specialists use this method and have had really remarkable success rates. src.

Cancer patients have also used caffeine enemas to reduce the pain associated with cancer.

Caution When Trying This At Home

Before everyone rushes out to buy a giant syringe in hopes of trying out Starbucks a different way, they should perhaps consider the following:

  1. Placing any non-sterile enema into the colon greatly increases the risk of infection. Simply heating the coffee isn’t enough to ensure sterility.
  2. Overdose symptoms could occur more readily in those sensitive to caffeine since the absorption rate is much faster with this caffeine delivery method.

Therefore, exercise caution when trying this yourself and research how to properly sterilize the materials needed to administer a caffeine enema. Here’s a good step by step procedure to follow.

I think I’ll stick to drinking my coffee and clean eating as a way to optimal liver health, but some may find this caffeine delivery method useful.

Have you tried a caffeine enema? How has it helped you?

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Last Modified: February 13, 2015