Caffeine Tights and Shapewear?

caffeine tights
Caffeine tights and shapewear do exist in some locations and they are certainly interesting products.

Benefits of Caffeine Tights and Shapewear

The makers of these products claim the following:

“Caffeine tights release microcapsules of caffeine into the thighs, bottom and legs to increase the metabolic rate and the burning of fat.”

Hmmmmmm. I’m not sure their science would hold up since there are so many other factors involved in fat loss, then just speeding up the metabolism.

Also, spot fat reduction as been debunked long ago and just doesn’t work unless you opt for liposuction or freezing the fat, which are both expensive.

Since caffeine is highly water soluble, washing these tights would eliminate most of the caffeine after the first wash.

Brands of Caffeinated Tights

  1. A British company released a the Palmers “Slim Fit 20” Caffeine Tights, available in black or skin colors in 3-pair packs. As the name might suggest, they’re not ordinary tights. They contain tiny caffeine microcapsules that get released when they come into contact with your body, and your skin absorbs the caffeine.
  2. Skinless Caffeine Tights is another brand out of the UK. A pack of 3 costs Ā£42.00 and each pair is supposed to last for 5 washes….. No way.
  3. Skinless Caffeine Shapewear is similar to SpanksĀ® but with added caffeine, designed to slim your waist while keeping it pushed in…. Again, this is hogwash.

Isn’t this deceptive advertising?

I guess this is why all of these brands are sold in the UK and not the USA. The UK must be less strict on advertising claims than the USA.

We would advise women to not waste their money on such products, but lose weight naturally with a healthy diet and exercise. Although caffeine is common in diet products, most who use them gain weight back and more after they stop using them.

However, If you’re willing to do some research (for science) and try them yourself, you can get them here.

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Last Modified: April 5, 2016