E-Boost: Energy Mix Review

eboost You know, back in the day water used to be all the rage. It was refreshing, usually tasted good, and under the right circumstances, was totally free. And oh, it kept you alive.

These days, water is downright boring. What, no pretty colors or packaging? No flavor? No energy?! Boo! E-Boost agrees with all of those shortcomings, and has offered water an upgrade with their own special version of Kool-Aid. “Ohh ya!!”


I received two flavors to review: Mandarin Orange and Pink Lemonade. Both of them fail to make water consumption as enjoyable an experience as the bottled pre-flavored waters already rampant in the beverage market. Their flavor descriptions are accurate, but overall the flavors are hollow and watered down.

You may be thinking to yourself, “he just called a water-based energy mix ‘watered down’ what an idiot.. duh of course it is!” If I may beg of your mercy a moment, I meant to say what I did. Take Crystal Light, for example. Drop one of their flavor packets into a bottle of water and the taste is completely transformed. You can tell you’re drinking a flavored bottle of water, but the flavor is robust enough to radically modify the experience for the better. You truly have a flavored bottle of water.

E-Boost packets offer more of a tainted water flavor that leaves you wishing for more. Kind of like using only half the Kool-Aid packet in your pitcher.


Hitting what I believe is an energy product record 5 spots from the Periodic Table of Elements we have Copper, Chromium, Potassium, Selenium, and Zinc. On the less perplexing side, there’s 4,166% of your B12 DV, 100% of B6, 75% Niacin, and a proprietary blend with green tea leaf and grape seed extract.


If you’re driving along and hit Empty, don’t expect to find a spare tank of gas in the trunk. Now, this of course pertains to the review metaphorically. I’m not actually sending ill-wishes your way for debilitating car problems. Jeeze you’re being rough on me today.

Seriously, though, E-Boost offers a light tickle to your senses. It’s just not enough for my lifestyle.


In case I bounced around this review too much, I’ll give it to you straight. My conclusion is that E-Boost comes up short in both flavor and energy. You may have noticed from the ingredients section that this product has other nutritional aspirations, but that’s not the kind of review you came here for.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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Last Modified: May 8, 2012