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Jamaican Blue Mountain Capsules
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Haymarket coffee is a supplier of premium coffee – both beans, ground coffee, and nespresso-compatible capsules.

We sampled the Jamaican Blue Mountain blend, in the capsules.

Jamaican Blue is a sought after coffee, grown specifically in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The coffee is known for its low-bitterness. It is a high-priced product due to the limited amount of output from the area, and the difficulty of harvesting due to the mountainous topography.

I am very familiar with the Nespresso Grand crus capsules, typically going for the Lungo (long pour) as I only drink coffee black. Occasionally I enjoy the shorter pour capsules.


The Hayman coffee arrived in an elegant well-crafted sample box, with the capsules sealed inside a plastic lining. Upon breaking open I was greeted with an enjoyable waft of fresh coffee. The capsules were accompanied with a card describing the coffee source (100% Grade 1 Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – right down to elevation – 900-1700 meters.)


The coffee had a definite sweetness and low acidity to it. Smooth on the tongue and lacking some of the bitter afternotes of other coffees. The tasting card describes it as “Sweet, pleasant acidity, chocolate notes”, with an aroma of “floral, walnuts”.

I’m not quite up to the level of tasting, but concur with the sweet and pleasant acidity.


Hayman quote a caffeine content of 1.1% – 1.7%. As the amount of coffee in each capsule is 6 grams, caffeine content is around 66-102 milligrams (however we would estimate this to be on the low end – consistent with most other pure arabica blends).

What I appreciate with the Nespresso-branded capsules is zero-waste. I shred and compost all the cardboard containers (both sleeve and outer package). I am fortunate enough to have a Nespresso capsule collection point only a few minutes drive from home. Nespresso have a global recycling program.

Every year billions of non-biodegradable coffee pods end up in landfill. This is something to think about when buying plastic pods.


If you want the best coffee you will need to pay for it, and Jamaican Blue Mountain definitely rates as among the best coffees. In recent years multitudes of lower-end brands have flooded the market with cheap poor quality pods and capsules. If you are going to use this method of coffee brewing, then I suggest making the experience good.

Hayman Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
Available directly from Hayman, or (in the US) from Amazon.

Rated 9 out of 10.

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Last Modified: August 13, 2017