How to choose budget espresso machine

In budget espresso machines are used: grain, capsule, pod coffee. Despite the fact that capsule models are now very popular, automatic coffee machines with a traditional beverage preparation system are more suitable for home use. The main reason is that using capsules will simply be more expensive, while coffee beans will last for a longer period, and its taste is still rich and natural.

And yet, this is a device that will meet all your requirements. The demand for these household appliances is growing steadily, so manufacturers are constantly improving technologies in order to meet the needs of buyers for high-quality coffee equipment. By and large, an improved coffee machine that combines a coffee grinder and a coffee maker. And depending on the features of the model, bean or ground coffee is used.


This is one of the most important indicators to consider when choosing a coffee machine for your home, because it depends on how long the coffee machine will last you. Coffee machines are considered reliable, which allow you to prepare almost any coffee drink and are produced by well-known brands. That is why these devices are deservedly popular among coffee connoisseurs.


The most basic espresso machines sell for less than $ 100, they usually do not have much functionality. The middle price segment includes coffee machines from $ 100 to $ 200. These machines are considered optimal in terms of quality / price ratio.

Making coffee

The cheapest models with the possibility of making cappuccino can hardly be called automatic, but the manufacturer positions them that way. The whole automation of the process consists in the fact that milk is foamed and warmed up in the machine, and drinks with its content must be prepared independently. However, the taste of the prepared drink can be controlled independently by choosing the volume of milk as you wish. And such models are much cheaper.

The best espresso machines under 100

Espresso machine Philips HD

espresso machine under 100

The Philips Espresso machine is a very successful solution in the class of inexpensive machines with a fully automatic cappuccino.

The model is distinguished by a simple and austere design, made in black color scheme. Its compact size and dimensions make it easy and simple to install. On the control panel there are quick-preparation buttons on which you can program your favorite drinks.

In terms of its functionality, the model is indistinguishable from cars of the more expensive Saeco class: all the same characteristics (pump, 15 bar power, brew group, built-in coffee grinder, automatic cappuccinatore with a separate milk jug, automatic rinsing system) at a much more affordable price.

Espresso machine ECAM

Compact automatic espresso machine ECAM22.360.S in a silver case, equipped with the patented automatic system for making excellent De'Longhi cappuccino at the touch of a button.

This is one of the most automated models that will allow you to adjust most of the parameters to your personal requirements, such as the degree of grind, water hardness and temperature of the drink.

It seems that this model provides everything for the perfect preparation of your favorite drinks and the use of the machine itself:


The presented devices are, in our opinion, the most successful coffee makers in terms of price, quality and presented capabilities.

We sincerely hope that you can find exactly the coffee maker that will become indispensable for you early in the morning at home or in the office. Enjoy the shopping