Kronik Vengence Energy Drink

Kronik is an energy drink that has been on the market for quite sometime and just when you think the company is getting stale, they surprise us with a few new flavors.

Even though by looking and reading the can I have no idea what flavor Kronik Vengence is, you can tell they mean business, so is Kronik back with a vengence (sorry for the pun) or will I be left deflated?


As I pop the top, I get that all to familiar energy drink scent that is associated with all those cheap Red Bull knockoffs. As I take a sip, I find a very sweet drink. The carbonation of Kronik Vengence is slightly higher then I would prefer, but nowhere near unbearable.

I can’t really put my finger on the flavor, but it’s kind of a generic taste, very sweet with no aftertaste. In no way was the taste negative, however, I just didn’t feel that Vengence was anything special.

Kronik Vengence Ingredients

Each can contains 220 calories and 54 grams of sugar. Also packed in each can is 150mg Caffeine, 2000mg Taurine, 100mg Ginseng, 100mg Guarana, 50mg Ginko Biloba, 50mg Inositol, 150mg Glucuronolactone, 50mg Milk Thistle, and a slight amount of your B vitamins with a hint of vitamin C.


The effect of Vengence was exactly what I was looking for in an energy drink. After drinking the can, I felt my energy rush within about 5-8 minutes. A Little bit of a jittery sugar fed rush, but it wasn’t crazy. The boost easily lasted 3 1/2 hours before slowly dissolving. Kronik Vengence gave me a slight to no real crash.


This wasn’t the best tasting energy drink I’ve ever had, but would consider it an average to slightly above average taste. Even though the taste of Kronik Vengence didn’t blow my socks off, the energy rush definitely did. The barbed wire look of Vengence portrays this as a serious energy drink and the effects of all that caffeine and sugar definitely support that look with a boost that will get you through even the toughest grind.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Looks like Kronic has been discontinued.

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Last Modified: July 3, 2014