Mpower Energy Mints: Supercharged

It is 2 P.M., and I am dragging. There is a pile of work sitting on my desk that needs to be done by 4.

I am at work, so I cannot simply go purchase a Monster to get a pick-up. This is the scenario that many of us run into. MPower has attempted to come up with a way to remedy this problem.

MPower Energy Mints come in two convenient forms: a single mint pack and a 4 mint pack. The box claims that each piece is the equivalent of an energy drink. It looks innocent enough, like a pack of gum. The box says to “Grab a pack of MPower, pop a mint, then conquer the world” So, how does it fare?


I must point out that I have yet to try an energy gum or mint that can effectively mask the bitter taste of caffeine and deliver a kick. That being said, the caffeine taste here is quite noticeable, and may be a little rough for someone not used to it. The taste is similar to Mad-Croc Energy Gum peppermint flavor. I did find that after the bitter taste subsided, my breath was very fresh, and there was a pleasant peppermint undertone.


I was impressed that one chewable MPower mint contains 120 milligrams of caffeine. This truly does rival the average energy drink. In addition, the Energy Mints also has Vitamins B6 and B12, and an undisclosed amount of Taurine, Ginseng, and Green Tea. There are 6 calories per mint.


The effect of MPower Energy Mints was good, I felt a burst of energy that propelled me through my work which gradually decreased over a few hours. The onset of the buzz was quite quick, which is the upside of a chewable mint over a normal energy drink.


Overall, I think MPower Energy Mints could have a certain place with anyone who enjoys caffeine. The pack is discrete, so you can get your caffeine in places where an energy drink is unavailable. These mints would be perfect to put in your desk or backpack for when you really need a pick-up. The caffeine taste may keep some away, but MPower Energy Mints do have some good qualities as well.

Reviewed by Jason Kleindorfer

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Last Modified: June 24, 2016