Rip It Energy Shot Review

I am a die hard fan of Rip It’s energy drinks. They are affordable, delicious, and get the job done boost wise. Recently I have acquired a new product of theirs through a promotional event at a nearby gas station, and boy am I excited to try it. It is the energy shot version of Rip It Citrus X flavor.

Luckily there are no grandiose claims on the bottle, only the words “Raw Sustained Energy” on the wrapping near the cap. To me that says enough without going way over the top. Now is not the time to be dissecting the packaging though, it is time to take this Rip It Energy Shot for a test drive!


After opening Rip It’s little 2 oz. bottle I am immediately hit with a solid brick wall of a scent. It is simply orange. No other scents, just straight orange. My first taste however, is a mixed reaction. The liquid is very watery and quite sweet, almost too sweet. There is no tang like the original flavor, just orange, watery, artificial sweetness. To my surprise however, I am greeted with the fact that Rip It Energy Shot has no disgusting, bitter, standard energy shot flavor mixed in. This makes it palatable and easy to gulp down once I have had my initial sips to judge the taste. It does however, leave somewhat of a soapy aftertaste and is a bit scratchy going down my throat.


Rip It Energy Shot comes with 100 milligrams of caffeine, which is somewhat weak, but I do like the fact that the caffeine amount is actually listed. There is a huge dose of Vitamin B12, landing at 500 micrograms, or 8333%. The rest is pretty standard, 40 milligrams of Vitamin B6, 100 milligrams of Taurine, some Niacin coming in at 30 milligrams. There are also 20 milligrams of L-Glutamine and d-Glucuronolactone respectively.


There is sadly not much to say about the kick. I drank this shot almost as soon as I woke up and all Rip It Shot really did was aid my awakening. In some cases that is a good thing, but today I was looking for a little zing or zip in my step. I wish there was more to write, but to my dismay, there is not.


In the end, I still enjoyed the experience. When this Rip Energy Shot hits the shelves I will still purchase it. That is because I am loyal to this brand, but I do not think anyone who isn’t a super fan like myself will get much out of this shot. There are two other flavors coming out as well and I cannot wait to try those. Maybe they will supply a bigger kick and be just what I am looking for. For Rip It’s Citrus X Energy Shot however, this is not the case.

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

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Last Modified: May 17, 2010