Rockstar Super Sours Energy Drink

rockstar-super-sour-bubbleberryRockstar Super Sours Energy Drink is yet another flavor variation from the #3 energy drink brand, Rockstar.

With all the controversy surrounding energy drinks and kids, Rockstar seems to be laughing with the launch of Super Sours.

This line is clearly marketed to kids/teens with their whimsically colored cans and kid friendly flavors like Sour Apple and Bubbleberry.

The drink officially launches in the USA on Dec. 1st, but has been available in Europe since earlier this year.

More Caffeine to Fuel the Hyperactive Child in You

Not only do the new Super Sours Energy Drinks seem to be marketed to kids, but they also have 50% more caffeine than original Rockstar.

Bevnet reports both Sour Apple and Bubbleberry have 120 milligrams per serving for a total of 240mg/16oz can. This is on par with Rockstar’s Punched line of energy drinks.

A Candy-Like Energy Drink Trend?

rockstar-super-sours-sour-appleI wonder if Super Sours will start a new candy-like energy drink trend as they compete for younger, less refined palettes. Kids want drinks that taste good and completely hide the energy ingredients. From reports so far, it seems like these new drinks have accomplished this nicely.

Rockstar needs to do something to set them apart from Monster and Red Bull who both far surpass them in sales.

However, it just seems a bit strange that in light of the ever increasing scrutiny regarding the safety of energy drinks and teens, Rockstar would develop Super Sours, which are obviously marketed to teens and those even younger.

I can’t think of any kid that wouldn’t want to get their lips on a can of Sour Apple or Bubbleberry and I pity the parent that allows that to happen!

240mg of caffeine + Sugar + Child = 1 long night.

Have you tried Rockstar Super Sours yet? What did you think of the new flavors and extra caffeine?

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Last Modified: September 11, 2014