How to Stay Safe of Public Wifi: Enjoy Your Coffee to the Fullest

Other than the Latte, what I love the most about my neighborhood café is the Wi-Fi speed. It’s supersonic and renders a smooth browsing experience. I am not the only one enjoying public Wi-Fi and saving money.

Around 81% of US internet users admit to using public Wi-Fi. Half of them use it at least once a week. In fact, approximately 18% of end-users use public Wi-Fi more than once a day. So, public Wi-Fi is something that lures to everyone. But, there is another side of the story. Public Wi-Fi can be very dangerous for you as it’s a hub for a hacker unless you use a safeguarding solution, e.g., VPN wifi.

If one is not vigilant, cyber dangers like malware, viruses, and phishing attacks can take you in the nippers. What’s the way? Is there anything that one can do to enjoy Wi-Fi and coffee at the coffee shop? Well, scroll down to know more about it.

Dangers That Can Spoil Your Coffee Date

While you’re on a coffee date with your work and using the cafe’s hotspot, the below-mentioned dangers can make you worried.

Evil Twin Attack: Skilled cybercriminals can fake public Wi-Fi and steal your crucial information.

Malware Injection: Wi-Fi is open for all, including threat actors. We won’t be shocked if you claim to be infected by malware as there is much malware introduced on public Wi-Fi. If malware is installed, everything from bandwidth to saved data can be taken away.

Man-in-the-middle attack: While one is using public Wi-Fi, it’s very common to be a victim of a man-in-the-middle attack wherein the cybercriminal will place their corrupted device between the end-user and the public hotspot. The device then controls the device owned by the end-user.

Wi-Fi sniffing: It’s a passive attack wherein threat attackers use basic software to keep track of all the data passing via a public hotspot.

VPN for Wi-Fi - The Ideal Protection

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool used widely to enjoy unmatched safety during online presence. Using VPN on public wifi, end-user can create an extra security layer featuring high-end encryption and multiple security protocols.

While one uses WiFi VPN and uses a public hotspot, each traffic packet has to pass through the encrypted tunnel of the VPN before reaching the end-user.

During the tunnel, every possible malware or virus will be removed. This way, the end-user uses only a clear and secure Wi-Fi connection. So, if you ask ‘does VPN protect you on public wifi’, the answer will be a big ‘yes.’

Additionally, with a quality VPN free Wifi solution, one gets access to utterly secure servers to spread worldwide. Connecting to each server allows one to enjoy a fake or new IP address. This IP address concealing confuses the hackers and keeps their malicious intentions at bay.

While you’re trying to unblock geo-restricted content or perform activities like torrenting and P2P transferring, Wi-Fi VPN keeps the identity hidden and won’t let intelligence agencies or other resources track the end-user activities.

Using the above-mentioned ways, a VPN for WiFi will make the public hotspot safe to use.

Can Public Wi-Fi Block A VPN?

Honestly speaking, public hotspots or Wi-Fi connections are not strong enough to block a VPN. A high-end Wi-Fi VPN can easily gain access to any Wi-Fi connection. Even an IP look tool can’t stop a VPN for WiFi to protect the end-user.

Ending Notes

Public Wi-Fi is a great way to enjoy browsing without spending a single penny on it. However, you’re not using enough protection, a public hotspot or Wi-Fi can be a hacker’s ticket to your users’ database. All the dangers of public Wi-Fi can be swept away in a single shot, i.e., by using a reliable VPN public wifi. Its robust encryption and tons of security features will make the online world, even a public Wi-Fi, safe for everyone.