Vibe Energy Gum

vibe-energy-gum Do you remember when you were a kid in chemistry class looking at test tubes full of things and you just wanted to open them and play with it? (probably not, but it was a habit of mine).

Well receiving the Vibe Energy Gum was like reliving my childhood. These little test tubes of energy love are some of the most confusing things I’ve ever eaten. The package clearly states gum yet when you open it up you have these tablets that look like vitamins.

Dubious to see what would happen I put one in my mouth, waited, chewed, and then suddenly the Vibe Energy Gum tablet morphed into gum. If that isn’t magic I don’t know what is.


If you open the tube and sniff it, it smells like, well, chewing gum and the same goes for taste. It’s light and refreshing and bares no resemblance to energy drinks or, well anything, but good old fashioned chewing gum. So Vibe is a great substitute for normal chewing gum, if you feel everything you eat has to give you a buzz… like me. One of the best things is that the taste doesn’t seem to fade even if it’s been a while since I started to chew Vibe. The flavor is still there and going strong.


According to the Vibe Energy Gum packet, every two tablets is the same as a 250ml can of of your standard energy drink. However, it stated the effect was delivered 4-5 times faster and I have to say it was. Now I don’t do anything by half’s and I never have a single can so I ate the equivalent of 2 and a half cans in one go.

Within a few minutes I was more alert even though I didn’t sleep last night and I’m writing this review thanks to the fact that I’m chewing on the Vibe caffeinated goodness. Although its caffeine content is not mind blowing, you can eat a lot of it without even realizing it, so these magical tablets get the vote from me.


Per 2g piece we have: 40.5mg caffeine, 10mg Ginseng, and 3.5mg Guarana


Like a magnum shotgun shell, Vibe Energy Gum is a tiny tube packing a punch. Although it makes you look a bit mental eating things out of what looks like tiny cigar tubes, these things are pretty awesome. Best of all they fit perfectly into a shotgun cartridge holder so I can wonder the fields with a handily supply of my favorite substance.Luckily for me they slide all the way through my barrel so I can’t fire them, although the idea of fire caffeine does make me smile.

On a more serious note, Vibe Energy Gum is a good buy and they provided a good boost that doesn’t make you loose concentration. Vibe, you get the thumbs up here, it’s a great bit of caffeine based chemistry.

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Last Modified: July 30, 2018