What’s a Vitality Drink? And Is Guarana Better?

“Vitality” is a marketing term that is being used to distinguish between different kinds of energy drinks.

marquis.jpgCase in point: Marquis Platinum Vitality Drink (try saying that mouthful when you’ve gone a whole day without caffeine).

Vitality Drink Definition

It’s a “vitality” drink because it doesn’t have the usual formula of synthetic caffeine and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Instead – the Marquis (which presumably you pronounce “markee”) has things like Aloe Vera, CoQ10, Guarana, Green Tea Polyphenols, Pine Bark Extract, Fructose, and ZSweet.

ZSweet is a zero-calorie commercial sweetener made from erythritol.

So… we have a vitality drink rather than an energy drink.

Is Guarana Healthier than Synthetic Caffeine?

Is caffeine from “natural” sources (such as guarana, coffee beans, etc) any better for you than synthetic caffeine? Well… there is a difference. Some time ago I came across this article (from a sleep conference of all things).

“What we found was that at the 270-minute mark we tended to see some benefits on motor performance of guarana over placebo,” […] “We think that’s probably because the caffeine in guarana is bound up in complex tannins that mean it is released slower so you don’t get the high from it as quick.”

It appears that caffeine from Guarana hits the body slower that straight caffeine – which arguably provides a more sustainable energy source.

As for the Marquis Platinum: It’s intended to be a mixer at clubs and the like. So what’s the point of slurping Aloe Vera and Pine Bark when you are tossing down Vodka?

I’ll tell you the point: It’s a cosmeceutical breakthrough! (Okay so I borrowed that term from the Marquis site). All that alcohol will punish your liver – but don’t worry – the cosmeceuticals will keep you young.

One more thing: How much caffeine in the Marquis? We don’t know because it is a… proprietary blend.

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Last Modified: August 19, 2014