Blood Energy Potion: New Moon Fuel

blood-energy-potion Harcos has once again stepped up to the platelet, ready to circulate another great product.

The pathogen they have taken to get here has been an interesting one spattered with creative innovation.

Was Blood Energy Potion a successful transfusion made from their positive old ways? Or have they been engorged by a negative influence?


Once you get past the initial frenzied rush of images and emotions from the donor’s entire life history, things smooth out nicely. If fruit punch could curdle without losing its taste, it would be in the same consistency arena as Blood Potion. As you sip from the bag’s surrogate teet for your nourishment, the liquid clumsily proliferates through your mouth without conviction. If it weren’t for the sweetly satisfying fruit punch flavor, I’d assume it’s the real thing I’m drinking.


Swimming amongst plasma is the “similar nutritional content to natural blood.” This makes sense considering that Blood Energy Potion contains caffeine just like my own blood (80mg). Filling out the rest of the energy blend is a bunch of randomly spelled words with hyphens tossed in to make them sound professional. Just like Mana Potion which Harcos started with, Blood Potion is also packing an enzyme blend.


Not being a vampire, I knew that the only way for me to experience Blood Energy Potion would be to introduce it to my own bloodstream via IV drip. Unfortunately, it seems Harcos had a problem in their production process as the bag’s connection does not properly fit my IV accessories. I’ve had to settle with drinking it instead, and this only yielded a mild energizing effect for me. It’s obvious that my mortal digestive system is keeping me from extracting the nutritional value, so I cannot make a solid claim here.


From mortal to mortal, I have to say Blood Potion is not for you. From mortal to hopeless vampire scene wannabe, Blood Energy Potion is exactly what ales your aching artificial fangs. From mortal to true vampire, I have to say be careful with Blood Potion. I understand for many it’s effective enough to retire you from the hunt and many have lost century-long relationships with their partners in harvest.

UK vampires can transfuse from The Geekest Link .

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

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Last Modified: June 6, 2014