Caffeine Causes Breast Shrinkage


A strange side effect of caffeine is that it could possibly cause breast tissue to shrink.

Although there are numerous studies that report that women who drink moderate cups of coffee a day have less risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease, caffeine does come with it’s share of negatives as well.

So this negative could possibly be that despite the fact that coffee consumed daily may be healthy, it has been shown by one study to shrink breast size slightly.

The Caffeine and Breast Shrinkage Study

This study comes out of Sweden whose people are known for their love for massive amounts of coffee.

The study found that women who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had some notable breast tissue shrinkage.

Helena Jernstroem, of Lund University explained that although some shrinkage was noted, the breasts wouldn’t eventually disappear, but only shrink slightly. Also, it only shrinks the breasts of women with a certain gene.

What This Means

Not much of anything. The decreased size was barely noticeable and would only be possible in certain women. There would also have to be much more research involved to fully understand how this is happening.

It looks like this finding was part of a larger study the researcher conducted on breast cancer.

Women don’t really need to worry about this, but it is interesting to note that there is so much we still don’t understand about caffeine and the all the ways this drug interacts with various parts of the bodies of both women and men alike.

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Last Modified: February 27, 2014