How Caffeine Can Improve Students’ Education Performances

Do you drink coffee every day before going to class or as you work on your assignments? A study conducted by the National Coffee Drinking journal found that forty percent of college students drink at least one cup of coffee every day. Caffeine is quite famous in the education sector. Caffeine has lots of benefits that cannot be ignored especially among college students. Most students have stressful days filled with consecutive boring lectures, assignments, and exams. Overcoming such days successfully requires the use of caffeine. Caffeine does not only aid in studying but it also provides important vitamins, bioactive compounds and antioxidants. Studying while drinking coffee is one of the safest and healthiest options.

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The most important question that you should ask yourself is: What amount of coffee should you drink to succeed in college? Coffee contains caffeine. And it is good for you. However, too much of anything is poison. You need to consume caffeine in moderation to enjoy its health benefits.

Consuming too much caffeine will not provide the same levels of energy as consuming the ideal amount. You need to consider trying an essay writing company assistance to get time to rest and recover. Too much caffeine leads to anxiety and sleep issues. Various research studies have found that 200mg of caffeine is the ideal amount that college students should consume in a day. When should you drink your coffee? Various studies have shown that drinking coffee early in the morning is not good for you. Why? Your energy levels are usually at peak in the morning. Therefore, you should not drink coffee. You should drink coffee from 10 to 11:30 am as you work on your essay writing assignments. In the afternoon, 1 pm to 5 pm is perfect as you seek writing help from experts and assistance from your professor.

Benefits of caffeine for college students

Coffee is a drink that has lots of health benefits. Coffee is famous among employees and students due to its good taste and the energy boost that it provides. Here are a few benefits that students will enjoy by drinking coffee.

1. Improves short term memory

Caffeine enhances the brain’s activity. And this boosts your productivity and performance in school. Researchers at John Hopkins found that caffeine improves short-term memory. It also helps in retaining long-term memory. As a student, you need to improve your memory to pass your exams and achieve your academic goals. One cup of coffee can help you in memorizing information related to presentations, assignments, and exams.

2. Boosts energy levels

Caffeine improves the functioning of your brain and boosts energy levels. Bu how does caffeine boost energy? Caffeine provides a huge amount of neurotransmitters in the blood. And they increase the body’s energy. Most people cannot work effectively without coffee. Caffeine will help you maintain your energy levels during lectures and improve your productivity and performance in the long run.

3. Relieves stress

College students are prone to stress, anxiety and depression. Fortunately, caffeine can help in lowering stress and anxiety levels among students. As you probably know, life is a journey filled with ups and downs. Getting poor grades and failing to find employment after years of study can lead to depression. During hard times, you need to drink coffee to relieve stress and anxiety. However, don’t consume too much.

4. Protects you from dangerous diseases

A common neurodegenerative disease affecting people around the world today is Alzheimer’s. This disease causes dementia and it’s not curable. A research study found that consuming coffee reduces the risk of getting this disease by 65 percent. Caffeine can protect you from this deadly disease. Another dangerous disease that caffeine can prevent is Parkinson’s disease. People who drink coffee regularly are less likely to suffer from these cognitive diseases.


With all these benefits, you’re probably thinking of getting addicted to coffee, right? Caffeine improves your physical and mental wellbeing. Plus, it increases your chances of success in college. To enjoy the benefits of caffeine, you should avoid drinking it as much as you drink water. Consuming too much caffeine will make you feel anxious and dizzy. Plus, you’ll have serious sleep issues that will affect your productivity and performance. Consume three to five cups of coffee every day. And everything will work out in the long run. Since different types of coffee have varying prices, it’s important that you choose the type that fits your budget to avoid financial troubles.

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