Reddit is More Addicted to Energy Drinks than BuzzFeed

reddit and buzzfeed caffeine use

Our Death By Caffeine web app has been pretty popular over the years and it also can give us some interesting data regarding which sources of caffeine are preferred by its users.

Over the past year both BuzzFeed and reddit featured Death By Caffeine and sent a lot of visitors to it. We thought it would be fun to see how the caffeine habits of BuzzFeed users compared to the habits of reddit users.

Here’s what we discovered. The beverages are in order from most popular to least.

BuzzFeed vs. reddit

BuzzFeed Users Reddit Users
1 Coffee (Brewed) Red Bull
2 Coca-Cola Classic Coffee (Brewed)
3 Red Bull Coca-Cola Classic
4 Coffee (Espresso) Monster Energy Drink
5 Monster Energy Drink Coffee (Espresso)
6 Diet Coke Mountain Dew
7 Coke Zero Coke Zero
8 Mountain Dew 5 Hour Energy
9 Dr Pepper Dr Pepper
10 Coffee (Instant) Pepsi Cola
11 Pepsi Cola Tea (Black)
12 Latte Monster Absolutely Zero
13 Tea (Black) Diet Coke
14 Monster Absolutely Zero Green Tea
15 Sprite Water Joe
16 Green Tea Coffee (Instant)
17 Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino Monster Assault
18 5 Hour Energy Sprite
16 Cappuccino Rockstar
20 Rockstar Red Bull Total Zero
21 Red Bull Total Zero NOS Energy Drink
22 Water Joe Coca-Cola C2
23 Iced Tea Surge Citrus Soda
24 Coca-Cola C2 Monster Extra Strength
25 Caffe Mocha Chocolate Milk
26 Coffee (Decaf, Brewed) Fanta
27 Diet Pepsi Amp Energy Drink
28 Fanta Cocaine Energy Drink
29 Americano Coffee Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino
30 Chocolate Milk Jolt Cola Energy Drink

It seems as if BuzzFeed users and reddit users have slightly different tastes when it comes to caffeine consumption.
A few observations include:

  1. BuzzFeed users prefer coffee based drinks, while reddit users prefer energy drinks.
  2. Both rank energy drinks in the same order. Red Bull, Monster, then Rockstar.
  3. BuzzFeeders like Diet Coke, while redditors like Coke Zero the best.
  4. Both prefer Coke over Pepsi.
  5. Both are confused about the caffeine content of Sprite (Sprite has no caffeine in case you were wondering).
  6. The top 5 of both had the same drinks but just in a different order.

Which Group Weighs More?

Since our Death by Caffeine App requires that users enter their weight, we can also determine which group weighs the most.

Research has shown that those who drink carbonated beverages weigh more than those who don’t, so let’s see if this holds true for reddit users since they seem to prefer energy drinks and sodas over coffee and tea.

The average weight entered by all reddit users = 174 pounds
The average weight entered by all BuzzFeed users = 167 pounds

Which Top 30 Drinks Have the Heaviest Drinkers?

top 6 drinks with the heaviest consumers

Pretty counterintuitive that 4 of the 6 beverages are diet drinks, but they are all indeed soft drinks. App users who weighed the least were instant coffee drinkers averaging just 137 pounds.

Average Visitors

For comparison’s sake, here’s how the general traffic to our site ranks caffeinated beverages.

General Visitor’s Caffeine Preference
1 Red Bull
2 Coffee (brewed)
3 Monster Energy Drink
4 Coffee (Espresso)
5 Coca-Cola Classic
6 Mountain Dew
7 5 Hour Energy
8 Coke Zero
9 Coffee (Instant)
10 Monster Absolutely Zero
11 Rockstar
12 Dr Pepper
13 Pepsi Cola
14 Tea (Black)
15 Tea (Green)
16 Monster Assault
17 Diet Coke
18 NOS Energy Drink
19 Cappuccino
20 Water Joe
21 Death Wish Coffee
22 Sprite
23 Red Bull Total Zero
24 Coca-Cola C2
25 Redline Energy Drink
26 Chameleon Cold Brew
27 Monster Extra Strength
28 Latte
29 Cocaine Energy Drinks
30 Chocolate Milk

It’s interesting how different segments of the world wide web have different preferred ways to get their caffeine and luckily choice does indeed abound. Just see our Beverage Caffeine Database with now more than 650 items!

Is there anything that stands out to you regarding the way Redditors or BuzzFeeders consume caffeine?

Disclaimer: Our Death by Caffeine web app records only anonymous data such as weight and drink choice. No names, IP’s, email addresses, or other personal information is captured nor recorded. This is not a scientific investigation: we only measured analytics data from web traffic REFERRED from either or
Image: flickr and flickr

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Last Modified: October 23, 2014