Unusual Website Startup Ideas

If you’re considering the possibilities of launching a startup business online, it would be important to do so with a sense of caution. Firstly, you should be aware that large numbers of these ventures never last longer than three months. On the other hand, many of them do. The key is to undertake a lot of planning and research before you go live, ensure you understand where your potential customer base lies, then make provisions for marketing your business on an ongoing basis. The number one decision you’ll need to make at the outset is what idea can I come out with that hasn’t already been done; if it has, how can I do it better? Rather than choosing a topic that has already garnered a well-established audience, think outside the box. Go unusual!

Online matchmaking

It might seem as if online dating is already a saturated market. There’s no denying the popularity of these services, with singles seeking someone compatible for a relationship having access to thousands of sites and apps. But if you can think of an unusual angle or create an eye-catching brand, there’s no reason why your startup couldn’t be a success. With bespoke web design templates available, you don’t even need to be a coding expert. If you were going to go down this route, try steering away from ‘vanilla’ partnerships, whether that’s ‘boy meets girl’ or ‘boy meets boy.’ Go for more unusual, niche options. Think what a couple seeking a female for threesomes might be looking for in a dating service. The most important aspect of any new matchmaking startup would be originality. So why not carve a niche in the market for third parties and swinging?


People refer to the Internet for all sorts of reasons, but one potent incentive is finding out information. Rather than poring over lengthy printed volumes, many prefer dipping into bite-sized information sources. This could provide an avenue for your startup – compiling readily digestible ebooks or short training courses. You wouldn’t have to be an expert in your chosen subject. But if you possessed the ability to take original texts and present more accessible versions, you could attract a lot of web traffic.

Foodie blog

Everyone loves to eat. You only have to switch on your TV to be bombarded with shows about dinner recipes and cake making. A lot of people are interested in dining, but fewer are prepared to get to grips with complicated prep. There are also so many different types of cuisine out there that the choice of dishes often seems baffling. Here’s another opening for your startup. Distill all this information into straightforward descriptions, explaining what different terms mean. If you can write your food guides with humor, you’ll rapidly gain a fanbase.


The last year and a half have certainly put everyone’s health firmly on the agenda. As society slowly comes out of the pandemic, we are increasingly likely to prioritize our wellbeing. So the next startup idea would be providing worthwhile information about the healthiest diets for your readers to undertake. This should also be balanced with an emphasis on positive exercise regimes. Running in parallel with this drive for good physical health should be suggestions for looking after minds. Mental health never receives the same focus, so here is another topic for you to explore with your website startup. Start a conversation about steps people can take to maintain good mental health, with tips on meditation and other forms of relaxation.

Brainstorm ideas

Even if you’ve already chosen the path you want to go down, you can still check out different websites or apps to seek inspiration. Here are some suggestions of popular themes. Vitamin supplements or energy-boosting drinks are always in demand, especially from students who need to put in long hours studying. Review sites can provide suggestions for people about the latest movies or games to enjoy. You might not necessarily have too much in common with any of the sites dedicated to these subjects, but you can still get a lot of ideas about common aspects, such as navigation, page layout, whether or not there are affiliate marketing opportunities, and so on.

Make no mistake. Website startups will take a lot of time and effort to get right. Even if you think you’ve covered every base when writing your business plan, designing your pages, then putting a development strategy into place, there might be factors impacting your ability to succeed you hadn’t foreseen. For instance, nobody launching a startup in 2019 could have predicted the pandemic that was going to impact world economies. The key is to make a risk assessment and be prepared for every eventuality. As long as you can anticipate fluctuations in the market, then take remedial action immediately, you should be able to navigate any storm.