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Battery Juiced Energy Drink is an orange flavored version of Battery a popular drink made in Finland.



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battery-juicedSure, to some people fruits are awesome.

They’re symmetrical, they’re colorful, they help you grow up big and strong, and they can be fairly entertaining when stuffed with firecrackers.

Unfortunately, fruits are not as lucky as the coffee bean, for they are not inherently born with caffeine in them. Such a disappointment.

The makers of Battery Energy Drink picked up where Mother Nature left off and introduced orange juice to caffeine in their drink, Battery Juiced. Sounds like culinary eugenics to me.


I’m gonna have to kick off this review to a bad start. If you’ve ever brushed your teeth (you know... toothpaste included) and then immediately drank a glass of orange juice, you’ve basically experienced the taste of this one. There is absolutely no doubt that this drink is made with legit orange juice, but it’s tainted with a taste influence that only a zealous energy blend could offer.

In this case, it is not something I can play off as a minor hang-up while you’re consuming the drink. No, the entire experience soon becomes somewhat of a chore to deal with. It’s important for me to note that I am a lover of orange juice and this experience is not me disagreeing with the foundation of the drink.


If you read my previous review of Battery Energy Drink, you’d know that this company is not a friend to the English language. Except for the title and front label text, the entire bottle is decorated with words that mean nothing to me (why do foreign manufactures do this more often than not?). All I can say is that orange juice probably tops the list. Following from that logic, I’m going to assume there’s a healthy dose of Vitamin-C. As for caffeine, the website states that the bottle is sporting 144mg of caffeine.


Just like the original Battery Energy Drink, this drink is sneaky. It does not have the swagger of a drink that is going to get your brain thumpin, but it has the ability to do just that. This is by no means a powerhouse drink, but it will deliver on the promise of an energy boost.


2/5 oranges. I commend these guys for picking a direction (juicing up their original offering) and following through to furthest extent. Unlike like other juiced drinks that advertise the addition of a little bit of juice here and there, this one tastes like it is jam packed with orange juice. I just feel that orange juice might have not been the best choice, its taste profile doesn’t mesh well with the standard energy blend. Some additional sugar content could have likely saved the day in my opinion.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Ingredients in Battery Juiced Energy Drink

Sugar content: Unknown.

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Caffeine Concentration

Battery Juiced Energy Drink contains 9.60 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (32.46mg/100 ml).

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