Spike Shooter and ShotGun Review

Spike Energy Drinks are marketed to athletes (bodybuilders) and not the general public because of their high caffeine and other stimulant content.

The were even once banned by 7-Eleven stores because of some people’s adverse reactions to consuming them.

Here we review both Spike Shooter and Spike Energy Drink (once called Shotgun).

Spike Shooter

Quickly, because I’m under the influence, I had a Spike Shooter this morning and I’m feeling pretty good. Not out of control good, but good enough that I’m just going to go ahead and ask you all right now to excuse any typos or grammatical errors. My fingers are a bit shaky.

As far as taste and color go, think of a slightly more carbonated Redline. It’s pretty sweet and it goes down easy, plus it’s only 8 oz. so what the hell. Make no mistake though this is no Redline. Redline is certainly a glorious, magical elixir, but it is not a toy. It’s got strange chemicals in it that make you feel all tingly and invincible.

Spike Shooter is kind of a different animal though. It’s feels like more of a normal (albeit strong as hell) energy drink while Redline is some crazy stuff for, like, athletes and superpeople. Spike is potent, but I feel really anxious right now. Usually the more engineered bodybuilder kinds of drinks give me a more subtle rush. Drinks with Yohimbine are usually kind of unique too. I’ll get a really strong shivery sensation, like having goosebumps for an hour straight or something. I also notice a big pump if I drink something with Yohimbe before a workout. Not so much with this stuff though. I forgot about the Yohimbine until I reread the can.

spike.jpgI guess I want to compare it to Redline because of the reputation so let me put it this way:

When I drank the Spike Shooter, I was driving and I got the urge to turn the music up really loud. Like obnoxiously loud.

When I drink Redline (which is–I’ll admit–periodically), a mischievous leprechaun suddenly appears and kidnaps my stereo then jumps around the inside of my car, taunting me with the promise of the kind of sweet relief that can only come from that fantastic note. Intense negotiations ensue until we can strike a deal, the terms of which usually involve me promising to give up at least one of my vices, and the little bastard finally relents. Also, my steering wheel turns to liquid and I have to pull over for a while so I can argue with myself over federal monetary policy, David Lynch films, and whether or not I could pull off flat-front pants.

Good times though.

With that in mind, please don’t take Spike Shoo….aww screw it. Believe the hype friends. It’s true. I just realized that I’m pretty effing cooked right now. I drank it five hours ago and I’m still cooked. In the hands of a lesser being, I could see this stuff causing trouble. If you’re an experienced traveller though, just be aware. I’m jittery as hell. I’m afraid to get up from my desk for fear that I may say something untoward and embarrass myself in front of my coworkers.

Good stuff. Be careful with it. Please.

MARGINALLY RELATED EDITORIAL NOTE: My integrity is not for sale! Not even for UFC tickets…Or rounds of golf at expensive country clubs…Or consumer electronics. Nothing. Really.

I recognize the power of The Fiend and I promise to use it for good instead of evil. We’re here to help, remember? No shilling for the man here.

That being said though, you Howling Monkey people are alright. Despite our continued skepticism over your caffeine content, we appreciate the samples–especially since you sent them after the review went up. Now just start putting the real amounts on the can and you’ll be well on your way to being good guys instead of bad guys.

We’ll consider these a gift in appreciation of the invaluable services that we provide for the good citizens of the world. It’s hard work and the Monkeys will serve us well during the long hours we spend wandering around in a caffeine induced stupor, I mean working on the site.

God, I am wired.

Spike products are highly caffeinated and should only be used as directed.

Spike Shotgun: Renamed as Spike Energy Drink

spike-shotgun.jpgFor all those who like big 16 ounce cans…

The legendary Spike Shooter now has a big brother: Spike Shotgun (currently at biotest.net).

It looks like the blend is similar to Shooter, but the caffeine concentration is less.

SPIKE® Shooter Formula2,650 mg
– N-acetyl-L-tyrosine
– Beta-alanine
– Caffeine anhydrous

Spike Shotgun contains 350mg caffeine per 16 ounce can (Shooter has 300mg in an 8.4 ounce can).

Review & Taste Test

There is a five-letter word in the Energy Drink market that has caused quite a stir in the past year. Often invoking fear and panic attacks, angry mothers, raised eye-brows and talking that even someone on cocaine would have trouble keeping up with. Some of you might be frivolously counting the letters of your favorite drink, but I assure you, it’s no diablo, rather, something far better.

SPIKE: Shotgun is going to blow you away.

The West Gets Wilder

Before Shotgun I’d never really considered the meaning of Shooter, although I’m starting to see an American-West theme here. Now that I have thought about it though, both names perfectly describe each drink. SPIKE shooters are similar to an Energy Shot, a lot of ingredients condensed into a small amount of fluid meant to be drunk quickly. SPIKE shotguns on the other hand, are less condensed, with slightly less caffeine PER FL. OZ., (21.88 mg/oz VS 35.71) but more caffeine PER BEVERAGE (350mg VS 300) meant to be drunk over a longer period of time (or shotgunned if that’s what you’d prefer).

Opening the new 16 oz. can I was more excited than I have been for quite some time. Let’s just say that if the can had been covered in wrapping paper, Christmas would have some serious competition. I popped the tab, threw my head back in anticipation, and prepared for a double sized dose of SPIKE shooter bitterness…

There is a god people, and apparently he loves SPIKE. Not only does the new Shotgun not taste like complete and total ass. It actually tastes, dare I say, good. Take the old SPIKE flavor, remove that twangy-tart unripe attempt at a berry flavoring, sweeten, water down a tiny bit, and you’re left with something I would be content no, enthralled to drink everyday.

Caffeine Corral

Ingredient-wise, Shotgun has been modified slightly from the original Shooter formula but don’t be too put off. That well known SPIKE wallop is still alive and kicking. The main difference between formulas is the removal of the caffeine alternative Yohimbine (which is also an aphrodisiac) and the addition of the naturally occurring Amino Acid, Beta-Alanine.

Beta-Alanine is not seen often in energy drinks but contributes to decreased-muscular fatigue in athletes and decreased muscular degeneration. Combined, these changes gave a “smoother” feeling energy-buzz that didn’t feel like my nerves were being shredded as the caffeine jumped from cell to cell. My hands didn’t shake (as much) my heart didn’t race (as much) and I didn’t get that nervous feeling in my stomach, at least, not as much.

Yohimbine has strange effects on the nervous system that I can’t say I’m sad to see go away with Shotgun. Then again, there is something unusually kick-ass about flooding an already caffeine saturated body with large amounts of Yohimbine, and that is exactly why SPIKE shooter can never be completely replaced.

12 Gauge and a Magnum

SPIKE shooter’s have been my energy drink of choice since they came out and I have never failed to feel some sort of effect from them.

SPIKE shooter IS the standard for how I judge energy drink effects, and few others are able to come close. The one down side to Shooter is that it can be overwhelming and SPIKE shotgun does a perfect job at filling in for the times I’m tired but don’t want to, or can’t be, ultra wired. Shotgun is starting to trickle in to local liquor stores for around $3 per can but if you get really desperate it can always be purchased in a 24 pack over at Biotest for USD $59. Together, the SPIKE family is shaping up to be the reason for envy at many beverage companies and could easily fill a spot in anyone’s everyday lifestyle.

Overall Score (5/5)

Review by Josh (blog: Cubicalism & Coffee)

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Last Modified: September 12, 2014